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The NSW Government’s driverless, privately-run Sydney Metro system is a disaster waiting to happen. It’s only been open a matter of months and already it’s been plagued with problems.

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The NSW Government’s decision to rip up the Epping to Chatswood rail line and replace it with a single deck metro with less capacity, fixed seats (meaning passengers are forced to travel backwards) and no driver on board was a terrible decision from the outset.

A lack of planning means that thousands of commuters are dumped on a single platform at Chatswood during peak hour, meaning overcrowding and inconvenience.

And, of course, the safety risks of running driverless trains cannot be underestimated.

Commuters deserve to know their trains are being operated by highly trained, experienced workers who can react quickly in any emergency situation. Without these workers, there is no one to deal with a problem if something goes wrong with the train or on the tracks.

The Metro Company is being told to run every train with a customer service representative on board in the first instance, but it is understood they will remove those employees from the train entirely in the very near future.

The Metro system is a commuting disaster waiting to happen. 

We already know that when one thing goes wrong on Sydney Trains – the entire network crumbles. Now, with the privatised metro system carrying fewer passengers across our rapidly growing city – the pressure on the existing rail system is going to soar.

Send a message to the Transport Minister telling them about your commuting experience and how they should fix the metro.

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Tell the Transport Minister how Sydney Metro failures have impacted you.

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