Sydney Metro fails

The new Sydney Metro driverless trains are a disaster waiting to happen.

Rail workers have long raised concerns about the dangers of driverless trains. Commuters deserve to know there is an experienced person at the helm of our trains.

Commuters also deserve to know that there are workers on board to assist in the event of an emergency. In the very short-term there will be one staff member on board the metro trains, however the government plans to take all staff off the trains in the very near future. We can’t afford to let that happen.

While the NSW Government is busily singing the praises of the Metro system, the reality isn’t anywhere near as bright for many commuters. Here’s a running list of just some of the Sydney Metro fails so far.

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The growing list of Metro fails

May 26th 2019, Opening Day:
– Train overshoots the platform at Macquarie Park station
– Huge delays on the network
– Automatic doors fail to open, causing delays and crowding
– Trains taking more than an hour to travel three stops
– Reports of a pram getting trapped in the automatic doors at Tallawong

May 27th 2019
– Overcrowding on platforms

– Lifts and escalators not working at Castle Hill

May 28th 2019
– Doors closing early
– Failure of announcements for doors closing
– Progress bars not aligned
– Misalignment of timings for connecting trains

May 29th 2019
– Failure of live transport data
– Incorrect announcement that doors of the train were closing while train was moving
–  Driverless train stopped moving due to lost network communication and had to be moved by a driver
– Doors failing to open at Cherrybrook
– Delays
– Crowded platforms
– Repeated announcement to stand back from closing doors while train in motion
– Trains reported to be running at intervals of up to 30 minutes

– Macquarie Park Station evacuated

May 30th 2019
– Rogue train fails to open doors at Chatswood, commuters stuck for 5 minutes before leaving without taking new passengers

May 31st 2019
– Power failure forces Metro to stop; commuters forced onto replacement buses

June 1st 2019
– Services not stopping at Hills Showground due to fire alarm.

June 2nd 2019
–  Issue with doors at Tallawong, reduced services

June 3rd
– Fire alarm goes off at North Ryde, trains bypassing station

June 7th
– Technical issue at Kellyville shuts down trains between Chatswood and Kellyville

June 19th 2019
– A woman failed to get off the train at Tullawong station and remained on the train until it reached the train sheds or yard. At that time, she pressed the emergency exit button forcing the doors to open. She hopped off the train onto the tracks and walked back to Tullawong station (along the rail corridor). During the walk, two trains passed her heading back to the yard. She finally got back to the station and jumped onto the platform

July 1st
– Up to 171 minute delays between Rouse Hill and Chatswood after urgent track work and train needing repairs at Castle Hill

July 16th
– Metro bypasses Rouse Hill due to door malfunction

July 25th
– Track work at North Strathfield causes delays across Sydney, with services bypassing Strathfield and up to 52 minutes late.

July 29th
– North west Sydney bus services axed, mounting pressure on metro
– Sydney Metro shuts down for 2 hours due to ‘communications error’

August 1st
– “Mechanical issue” with doors halts services

August 6th
– Services disrupted due to “mechanical repairs”. Issues with train doors forcing services to run at reduced capacity.

August 13th
– “Communications issue” halts services between Tallawong and Chatswood for about two hours.

August 20th
– “Mechanical issue” at Hills Show Ground station causes ongoing delays between Castle Hill and Chatswood, with trains stalling for up to half an hour.

October 30th

– “Mechanical issue” at North Ryde brings trains to standstill, commuters asked to disembark and use buses

Got an incident to add to the list? Tell us at about it info@ourtransport.org.au

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