Tell the premier to BUILD THEM HERE

The NSW Government’s decision to buy overseas manufactured transport assets is putting our safety at risk.

The ferries which can’t take passengers yet because they can’t handle Sydney’s waters bought overseas.

The inner west light rail which is out of action for 18 months because of cracking in the fleet – bought overseas.

The New InterCity Fleet which is sitting idle because it’s too unsafe to operate – bought overseas.

And now we know the government has ordered its New Regional Fleet of trains overseas too from the same company that made our broken trams.

Will you email Premier Perrottet and tell him to stop the next transport disaster and Build Them Here?

The New Regional Fleet is a transport catastrophe the government should have seen coming. The trains the government has bought have the same safety flaws that made the New Intercity Fleet unsafe to run: it’s built as a driver-only train, so it’s impossible for guards to do their job properly and keep the travelling public safe.

Building our buses, tram and trains in Australia isn’t just about supporting local jobs. It’s the best way to make sure our transport infrastructure is right for Australia’s transport systems and high safety standards.

That’s why we’re asking the Premier to cancel the contract and build our new regional trains here – to make sure they’re high quality and safe to operate.

We’ve seen how dangerous it is to buy off-the-shelf transport stock from overseas. Yet the NSW Government is still signing contracts for new overseas trains. It’s often more expensive in the long run too, because when things go wrong, it’s harder to repair transport stock we didn’t build.

NSW needs safe, reliable public transport that’s built and maintained here. We can’t afford to have commuters sitting on trains, buses and trams that don’t meet our safety requirements, that we can’t maintain and repair right here in Australia.

Buying ‘cheap’ overseas trains, trams and buses is not only bad economic policy. It’s bad for commuter and worker safety.

Email the Premier now and tell him that NSW deserves safe, reliable, locally made transport now!

Tell the Premier: Build Them Here!

Email Premier Perrottet and ask him to stop NSW's next transport disaster and build our New Regional Fleet here in Australia.

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