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Will you call on the ‘ERC’ to deliver a safe railway?

Rail workers have been working tirelessly over the past 12 months – both on the job and in an attempt to deliver a fair enterprise agreement for Sydney and NSW Trains workers. That includes making the vital changes needed to make the New InterCity Fleet safe.

But now, some rogue NSW Government Ministers are standing in the way of finally delivering a safe NIF and a fair enterprise agreement – seemingly for purely political reasons.

In the coming days, members of the NSW Government’s so-called ‘Expenditure Review Committee’ or ERC will be asked to vote on a important package which is vital to ensuring rail workers can get the fair enterprise agreement they deserve, and commuters can get the safe trains they need.

Despite the package receiving the endorsement of Transport management and even the Transport Minister, the rogue Ministers are now recommending the ERC reject the package. But we can still put pressure on the others within the ERC to show common sense and approve it.

Will you send the members of the ERC a message urging them to put the safety of commuters and workers ahead of petty politics?

Simply fill in the form below. There is some template text in there to assist you, but feel free to edit it to suit you. It’ll only take a minute to do, then why not get your friends and family to send a message too? The more messages they get the greater chance we have of convincing them to put commuter and worker safety first.

Rail workers deserve a fair enterprise agreement and commuters deserve a safe railway. Let’s remind the ERC of that.

Send an email to the ERC calling on them to support rail workers

Your email will go to the members of the NSW Government’s so-called Expenditure Review Committee. Exactly who is on the ERC is shrouded in secrecy, but from what we can determine it includes, among others, the Premier, Treasurer, Deputy Premier, the Employment Relations Minister.

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We will not share your information with any 3rd party entities. Find out more by reading our privacy policy.