Your Clean train - by Sydney Train Cleaners

Stop the privatisation – Save Our Sydney Trains Cleaners

Sydney’s trains are about to plummet to filthy new lows.

The NSW Government is attempting to privatise the cleaning of our intercity trains. That means they’re willing to sacrifice the cleanliness of our trains and people’s jobs in order to save a buck.

Almost 150 cleaners’ jobs are on the line as part of NSW Trains’ privatisation plans – and so is the cleanliness of your intercity train.

Private contract cleaners have been known to pay under the Award rate, and we know that privatisation means that a quality service gives way to cost cutting.

We can’t afford to let the NSW Government privatise our services and cut cleaners’ jobs – decent standards of hygiene on our public transport are too important to compromise.

Sign up to show your support for our Sydney Trains cleaners.

Sign up to show your support for Sydney Trains’ cleaners

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