MEDIA RELEASE: At-risk workers call on Premier to address rally

18 Nov, 2015: Workers whose jobs are at imminent risk as a result of the State Government’s move to privatise essential services in Newcastle are calling on the Premier to meet with them when he visits the region on 1 December.

The workers will be part of a community rally at midday being held at Civic Park, across the road from where the Premier will be addressing a $175 a head Property Council lunch, which is sponsored by Urban Growth, to discuss the government’s ‘revitalisation’ plans for the city.

Hunter Workers Secretary, Daniel Wallace, said that bus drivers, ferry drivers,

disability workers and other workers whose jobs have been put on the chopping block as a result of the State Government’s move to privatise local services, will be among the crowd.

“The Premier’s decision to privatise vital assets like our public transport systems adds another 350 workers to the existing 3500 Newcastle public service workers who have no idea whether they’ll have a job next year or beyond,” Mr Wallace said.

“While the Premier is in town to talk about the government’s ‘revilitisation’ project with property developers, it would good if he could spare a few minutes to speak to the families whose lives are being turned upside-down as a result of his decisions.

“Many of the workers directly affected can’t afford to splash out $175 for a ticket to hear the Premier speak about his plans for the region. We’re hoping he’ll take the time to come outside and speak to the community about his decisions.

Mr Wallace said that many of the workers feel as though they’ve been left in the dark, with the State Government making no attempt to speak with those impacted.

“Coming up to Christmas, there are over 5000 workers in Newcastle who don’t know whether they’ll have a job next year. The stress that places on families is incomprehensible.

“The least the Premier can do is speak to the workers and explain the government’s decisions.

“There’s 300 spare seats at the Town Hall across the road which workers would happily fill if the Premier was willing to speak with them.”

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