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Do you care about public transport in your local area? Then join us as part of our new local community action groups!

We’re holding Local Community Crisis Meet Ups with Our Transport supporters to talk about how we can work together to Keep Our Buses Public. We will hold these online, so they’ll be easy to join!

This will be a chance to join with other people in your local area and beyond who share your concern for our public transport and local workers. It’s a chance to hear the latest from workers on the frontline and to share ideas about how we work together to protect Our Transport.

The details of the next meeting are:

  • Date: Thursday 11th June
  • Time: 6pm

The NSW Government has just announced its plans to push ahead with the privatisation of Sydney’s remaining public buses – even in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis when our transport workers are putting themselves and their families at risk to keep our community moving.

It means our local bus services are at risk. Bus stops will close, routes will be cut, and your local transport workers’ jobs will be put in jeopardy.

And bus privatisation is just one of the attacks this NSW Government is launching on local commuters and transport workers. There’s also the dangerous New InterCity Fleet, the refusal to provide our transport workers with adequate personal protective equipment, and a wide range of other issues.

Will join us to help save your local services and your local workers’ jobs? Want to know more? Sign up here and come along to our first local community action group meeting.

We can protect our local services if we all work together. Find out more by joining our local community action groups now. Join with other local people in your local area and help save Our Transport.

Join your local community action group

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