Guard our safety

The NSW Government’s New InterCity Fleet are a disaster waiting to happen. The flawed design means that trains guards cannot properly monitor passengers to ensure their safety.

An independent report by expert railway evaluators has examined the NIF operation model concluded it is not safe. You can read the full report here.

Rail workers have refused to operate the New InterCity Fleet until the safety issues are rectified, but some NSW Government Ministers are refusing to do that.

Will you email the NSW Premier and ask him to fix the New InterCity Fleet?

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Martin Stewart, a blind commuter, received horrific injuries when he was dragged 200m by a guard-less train in Melbourne. In 2018, the then Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, promised that no train in NSW would operate without guards in their full safety role. The New InterCity Fleet as it currently operates breaks that promise. 

The Rail, Tram and Bus Union has worked tirelessly to find a way to ensure New InterCity Fleet can be operated safely, but now some NSW Government Ministers are standing in the way of making that happen, seemingly for purely political reasons. As a result, the unsafe fleet is currently sitting in storage, costing taxpayers money.

Not allowing guards to perform their vital safety duty is a disaster waiting to happen.

We’ve seen tragedies on trains without guards, or adequate guard services, before. We can’t afford to let that happen here in NSW.