Guard our safety

The NSW Government’s New InterCity Fleet trains, which are due to arrive in Australia by the end of the year, have a design fault which means that guards can’t perform their usual safety role.

That’s despite the fact that NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, publicly committed in October last year (following pressure from Our Transport supporters) to maintaining the current guard role on the trains.

The current fault in design means that guards can’t open their door to see or hear passengers who are getting on board the train just prior to departure – the crucial moments when serious incidents could occur.

There’s about a 15 second blind spot – a 15 second period when people can fall in the gap
between the train and the platform; kids can get separated from their parents; people could
get caught in the doors.

Not allowing guards to perform this vital safety duty is a disaster waiting to happen.

The bureaucrats at Transport for NSW – the government organisation overseeing the project – will try and claim that all the safety aspects are covered and that there’s nothing to worry about. That’s simply not true.

We’ve seen tragedies on trains without guards, or adequate guard services, before. We can’t afford to let that happen here in NSW.