Put the brakes on bus privatisation
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The proposed privatisation of Sydney’s buses spells disaster for commuters.

The NSW Government knows that privatisation doesn’t work. Since buses were privatised in Sydney’s Inner West and Newcastle on-time running has plummeted, while stops have closed and many bus services and routes have been cut entirely.

With privatisation’s track record in NSW, this decision is completely unjustifiable. But still the Government wants to sell off our state’s transport networks to the highest bidder.

Premier Berejiklian promised us before the state election that no more public assets would be sold. This isn’t what we voted for.

We need to tell our representatives in Parliament we want a transport system that is publicly owned and operated for our benefit – not run by a corporation that will cut corners, and services, to save money.

We’ve built a simple tool you can use to email your state MP and ask them to oppose the sale of our buses. Don’t forget to write an eye-catching subject line! There’s even a template email which you can edit or replace with your own.

Our campaign has collected enough signatures to ensure a debate in Parliament. We can stop this decision in its tracks if we tell our representatives where we stand – and that we expect them to stand with us.

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