Don't sell our busses
Don't sell our busses

Transport Minister Andrew Constance has now announced that all public bus services across Inner Western and Southern Sydney will be privatised.

Transport Minister Andrew Constance has now announced that all public bus services across Inner Western and Southern Sydney will be privatised and run by Transit Systems.

Mr Constance’s plan, which will come into effect in July this year includes:

  • Privatising 233 bus routes across Sydney, almost a third of the system
  • Slashing the jobs of 1200 bus drivers and public transport workers

This will cause disruptions across Sydney and likely lead to bus stop closures, higher fares, changing of routes and a reduction in services, just like we’ve seen in Newcastle.

And we know that the Inner West and Newcastle regions are just the first step. All NSW Public Transport is under threat from this new privatisation agenda.

Mr Constance thinks the privatising our buses will stop the complaints. We need to show him he is wrong.

Sign the Petition to send a complaint to Constance and let him know we must keep our public transport in public hands.

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Dear Minister Constance,

As concerned members of the community we are writing to reject your proposal to privatise Sydney public bus services.

Your decision was undertaken with absolutely no consultation with the community and despite written assurances to workers last December that bus routes would not be privatised.

Private operators put profits before people. To make money they’ll slash services, close bus stops and cut back on maintenance.

Where does this stop? Are you planning to privatise all remaining public bus and train services?

We urge you to make a public commitment that Sydney commuters will not have to suffer like they have in Newcastle from bus stop closures and reduced services.

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