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Don’t scrap safety at Liverpool Station

Liverpool is among the most dangerous stations on the NSW train network. It’s a hotspot for crime and assault.

The Liverpool safety booth provides protection both to staff when dealing with aggressive customers, and to the public when there is a medical emergency or a threat of violence.

But Sydney Trains is scrapping essential safety precautions with plans to remove the safety booth entirely.

In an area with a high level of assault and gang violence, a physical refuge in dangerous situations is too important to lose.

Our booth has been used to:

  • Assist a pregnant woman during medical emergency
  • Protect public from a person wielding an axe
  • Help dementia patients
  • Administer first aid
  • Shield staff from violent customers
  • Protect lost children
  • Recuperate from heat exhaustion

The NSW Government is cutting every public transport service that isn’t nailed down. But we can’t let them cut our safety.

Sign the petition calling on Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins to retain the Liverpool Station safety booth.

Read the petition text:

Dear Mr Collins,

There has been a steady increase in incidents of assault on Sydney’s train network over the past three years. Ensuring the public can seek refuge from violence should be a high priority for Sydney Trains.

I am therefore deeply concerned by plans to remove the safety booth from Liverpool Station, which is a hotspot for violent incidents in NSW.

The safety booth provides life-saving protection from armed and threatening individuals, heavily intoxicated and mentally ill persons. It also provides crucial assistance during medical emergencies and allows the public to access first aid treatment.

In addition to safeguarding the public, the booth also protects station staff from aggressive customers, who are frequently agitated by problems on the transport network.

As a Sydney commuter, I ask you to put our safety above all other concerns. Please reverse your decision to remove our access to life-saving protection at Liverpool Station.

I look forward to hearing your response.

Kind regards,

Sign the petition

Sign the petition calling on Sydney Trains to reverse its decision to remove the Liverpool Station safety booth.