Complain to Constance

NSW’s transport system is a complete shambles.

Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, cannot let this continue. Commuters are being stranded for hours on end, waiting to board overcrowded trains, buses or services that don’t show up at all.

This is because the NSW Government cannot implement and resource a reliable timetable, is obsessed with privatising our services, and rips up perfectly good rail lines.


Send a complaint to Minister Constance to say that you’ve had enough of this chaotic network and demand he fix it, now. 

We will send a copy of your complaint to Premier Gladys Berejiklian to ensure that the NSW Government hears our message loud and clear.

Send your complaint to Minister Constance

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  • Tell Minister Constance how the rail chaos, bus privatisation or any transport issue has impacted you and ask him to fix this mess now.
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