Complain to Constance

Public bus services across Sydney are being cut. Yours could be next.

Recent changes to buses in Sydney’s North West, Northern Beaches, North Shore and Eastern Suburbs were made without any consultation with local residents – and now it’s harder than ever for people to get by.

The Our Transport community conducted our own consultation, surveying almost 2,000 residents whose buses are about to be privatised. An overwhelming majority of residents rely on buses to move around and they identified hundreds of routes and stops they want to see protected.

You can read our report right here.

Will you send this important community report to the Transport Minister and ask him to save your route?

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We know that when private operators take over and buses are run for profit, routes are cut or axed and bus stops are closed, spelling disaster for the people who rely on them to get by.

The public has a right to be consulted about any changes to public transport, before they happen. Transport for NSW already has a policy on public engagement – it’s high time they used it.

Our community consultation report has recommendations for NSW Government and Transport for NSW, including:

  • Design and implement a formal consultation process
  • Clearly communicate about how the public can participate
  • Release the methodology behind changes to bus services
  • Stop using Non-Disclosure Agreements for bus timetabling staff.

Tell the Minister now that it’s time he listened to the people he serves. Our public transport belongs to the public – and it’s our right to be heard!

Ask the Transport Minister and Transport for NSW to save your route!

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