Tell us how train guards helped you!

The New InterCity Fleet trains are being tested on NSW railways, and they are not safe.

It’s running with a Driver-Only Operations model, which has removed the train guards and their critical role of monitoring commuter safety.

It’s another deliberate attempt to cut corners on safety and customer service to make a profit. Train guards have saved lives guarding our safety on our railways – and it’s our turn to save them.

Do you have a story about being helped by a guard on our railway? Use this form to share your experience with us!

We’re collecting stories to share in the news and social media that illustrate the vital role our train guards play on public transport. Guards save lives every day by:

  • Helping commuters in medical emergencies
  • Watching out for people who fall through the gap or get stuck in the doors
  • Deescalating violent situations
  • Using the train’s emergency brake to avoid hitting someone

Safety on our trains is a key partnership between drivers, station staff and guards.

Together, we’ll show the NSW Government that the public won’t stand for an understaffed transport system that we can’t rely on to keep us safe.

Tell us your story – let’s make sure the New InterCity Fleet, when it opens its doors to commuters, is staffed and safe.

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Tell us about when train guards helped you!

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