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Throughout the Covid crisis, buses have been vital for getting people around and keeping our state moving.

But the measures put in place by the NSW Government around wearing masks and physical distancing on transport have been unenforceable and therefore haven’t worked at all, placing people at risk.

The Government is also using the cover of the pandemic to rush through the privatisation of your public buses, just when it’s most important to keep them in public hands.

We simply cannot afford for the NSW Government to outsource responsibility for public health to a private corporation that will always put profits for its shareholders first.

Will you call your MP and ask them to oppose bus privatisation? We’ve created a handy tool, so it only takes a moment!

How it works

  • Make sure you’re ready to call your MP within usual office hours (weekdays 9am to 5pm)
  • Enter your details in the form, including your address and mobile number
  • You’ll shortly receive an automated call that will connect you to your local MPs office
  • Give your name and suburb, and tell them you want them to keep our buses safe and public!

Many of the buses being privatised operate in the electorates of Government MPs – which means they are supporting inferior bus services for their own constituents, in their own electorates.

They need to hear from the people they represent – people like you, who know that managing public transport carefully is crucial to protecting public health in this pandemic.

Dozens of MPs have already committed to opposing bus privatisation. Click here to see if yours has taken the pledge. If they have, you can thank them when you call!

Transport is essential – that’s why we must keep our buses in public hands!

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