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Workers deserve the same pay and conditions for doing the same job.

That’s why bus drivers in Region 6, which covers Sydney’s Inner West, are taking industrial action.

When public transport is privatised, the community lose their services and workers lose their wages and conditions. Right now there’s a two-tiered workforce where some bus drivers are receiving a lower salary, working longer hours, get less annual leave, and have fewer conditions than their colleagues.

This outrageous system was only allowed to happen because the NSW Government privatised the Inner West buses, ignoring fierce opposition from the community. The new operator, Transit Systems, hired new drivers on reduced pay and conditions, while the existing government employed bus drivers kept their original contract.

Workers on the new contracts get:

  • 1 week less annual leave
  • 13 hour shifts, 1 hour longer than their colleagues
  • No breaks
  • No pay rise
  • A lower salary

It’s completely unfair, and workers won’t stand for it. Will you email Transit Systems and ask them to treat their workers equally? Fill out the form to send them a message now!

For months bus drivers have tried to negotiate with Transit Systems to fix this mess, but the operator won’t listen to them. Now they’ve been forced to take industrial action as a last resort.

The support of commuters like you goes a long way. Email Transit Systems and tell them to end their dodgy contracts!

Send your message to Transit Systems

Use this form to send a message to Transit Systems and ask them to treat their workers equally!

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