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Tell the Premier and Transport Minister how it’s impacted you

The NSW Government is closing down the Epping to Chatswood rail line, ripping it up, and selling it off to a foreign company – all at the expense of the travelling public.

There’s no rationale for this disastrous move, which is about to turn parts of Sydney into commuter hell for at least seven months. The existing rail line is relatively new compared with other rail lines and functions well.

The closure is forcing an extra 110 buses every hour in peak periods onto Sydney’s already congested roads, and will have a ripple effect by forcing other commuters onto the currently overflowing Strathfield line to get to the Sydney CBD.

While most countries around the world are looking at ways to improve transport for commuters, the NSW Government seems more preoccupied with finding ways to use our transport system to further its fixation with privatisation.

We should be adding capacity to our transport network, not reducing it or making it more congested.

These are just SOME of the things you can expect when the Epping to Chatswood rail line closes:

  • Overcrowded bus stops with long lines during peak hour
  • Buses will be stuck in Sydney’s already heavily congested roads
  • Buses will be over capacity and overcrowded
  • Commuters will have to catch multiple services.

Commuters deserve to be outraged.

Send a message to the Premier and Transport Minister telling them how the rail line closure has impacted you and your commute.

Epping to Chatswood closure chaos - tell the Premier and Transport Minister how it’s impacted you

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