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Tell the Transport Minister how metro failures have impacted you

Last year the NSW Government ripped up the Epping to Chatswood rail line only to sell it off to a foreign company and replace it with a single deck metro with less capacity.

Now the new metro is dropping off thousands of commuters on the one platform at Chatswood as they wait to switch onto the heavy rail.

Numbers of passengers switching trains or leaving Chatswood station are expected to be doubled – to more than 16,500 between 8am and 9am.

This is a commuting disaster waiting to happen. 

We already know that when one thing goes wrong on Sydney Trains – the entire network crumbles. Now, with the privatised metro system dumping thousands of commuters in Chatswood – the pressure on the existing rail system is going to soar.

Commuters will be more likely to experience:

  • Dangerous and uncomfortable overcrowding at Chatswood
  • Having to take multiple services to get from A to B
  • Other trains across the network grinding to a halt because of excess pressure

Send a message to the Transport Minister telling them about your commuting experience and how they should fix the metro.

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Epping to Chatswood closure chaos - tell the Transport Minister how it’s impacted you

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